Is it Best to Install a Pool Before or After a Build

A great question we’re often asked is, “If I’m going to build a house, how do I go about planning the pool?”
Well, if it’s such that you’ve got a block that when the house is built, you’re going to lose your access, it’s really important to consider putting a pool in first. At Compass, we call that a sleeper pool, so you can certainly come and talk to us about installing a sleeper pool. The other consideration is, if you’re going to have access.

What are some of the biggest pool planning considerations

There are lots of exciting things about building a swimming pool, but one of the considerations you need to take into account is what am I dealing with on my block? In many cases, we are out at properties that have things such as easements, that’s areas that you just can’t build over. It really sort of belongs, it’s on your property, but it really belongs to the council.

What kind of access do I need for pool installation?

I talk to a lot of people who have anxiety about access to their house. The first thing to let you know is, just about everything is possible. Ideally, we’d turn up at a block, it’d be flat, we’d have no house in that spot and we could drive straight in with all the equipment. Because realistically, when a pool is built, we literally want to turn up with the biggest digging machine, an excavator…

What does a typical pool installation look like with Compass Pools Newcastle

I think that when people build a pool, the first thing you think about is the colour of the pool, the size of the pool, the shape of the pool. But people don’t realize the tile choices for the sun pod, the features around with the glass and the fencing and all of that. I think that your centre showed everything for us and you could plan in everything before you had even broken ground.