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What you should know about Infinity pools

All You Need to Know About Infinity Pools

Although the number one reason for deciding to build a swimming pool in your backyard is to have a place to swim in, one of the other important reasons is the sense of calm that water brings to people. The tranquillity and relaxation associated with looking at calm, still body of water. For most people,…

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How to pick a builder for your pool project

Selecting the Best Pool Builder to Work With in Newcastle

Congratulations! You’ve decided to have a pool built at home. What can we say, getting a pool for your home is certainly a wonderful decision – after all, once your pool is built, you can look forward to many years of enjoyment with your family. Now, the next thing you need to do is find…

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Compass Pools Newcastle How to choose pool colour

How do I choose the colour for my pool?

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the colour for your pool. These include things like pool surrounds, style of house, aspect (shade etc), colour variance in day and night conditions (sunny day, overcast day etc) and of course your personal colour preference. It is also important to have a think about…

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Compass Pools Newcastle Lap pool with pool lights on and a water feature

What Is a Lap Pool, and Why Should You Choose To Build One?

Looking for a fun way to get in your exercise for the day? A lap pool can make it easy to complete your workout under the sun in a comfortable and convenient manner. Read further for information on fibreglass lap pools, the newfound popularity of lap pools in Australia, and whether they are the right option for you. A fibreglass lap pool is essentially just what it sounds like: a large pool …

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Compass Pools Centre Newcastle Everything about plunge pools

What is a plunge pool and is it the right pool for you?

Australian plunge pools are now more popular than ever, with many homeowners seeing them as the ideal small swimming pool solution for their backyards. But what is a plunge pool? How is it installed? What are its characteristics and features? Here we explore everything you need to know about plunge pools, so you can find out for yourself whether one of these small, convenient pools is the right choice for you.

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Compass Pool Centre Newcastle_X-Trainer fibreglass pool with pool light on

Light up your pool with pool lighting

Lights in the pool give you a rather fascinating new dimension once the sun sets in the evenings. Thanks to the improvisation in technology, LED lights have become the pioneer and most common lights to be used in a swimming pool. They literary offer an underwater dramatic light show. Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, you can have your pool fitted with beautiful underwater lights that will make your pool look breathtaking at night.

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Compass Pool Centre Newcastle_Water features - Glass wall pool and water wall

Swimming pool water features: water walls, bubblers and more

When water is in motion, it engages our senses. It is very relaxing to listen to it as it falls, beautiful to look at it, restorative to our spirits and bodies and very thrilling to touch. A swimming pool that has a water feature like a waterfall provides a water-on-water experience. Learn more about different types of water features and select the one that is right for you,

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Pool Cost Factors

Top Factors that Determine the Cost of Your Swimming Pool

The final cost of the swimming pool will depend on the features you want to add to it. However, there are some factors that can give you a rough idea about the estimated cost of your swimming pool. Let us discuss them to help you get an estimate of the pool price you will be paying if you decide to install a pool in your backyard. Read on to learn more about the factors that can influence the cost of your swimming pool.

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Clean and healthy pools with circulation

Keep Your Pool Clean and Healthy with the Right Circulation System

While there are several ways to keep your swimming pool clean, clear, pure and fresh, circulation is the most important of them all. In fact, if you want a healthy pool with clear and clean water that rejuvenates you instead of making you feel all dirty, you need to invest in the right pool circulation. Only then will you be able to enjoy swimming in a pool full of pure water that revives freshness the moment you dive in it.

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Infinity Pool in Your Backyard

Have you thought about an infinity pool in your backyard?

Then and now, an infinity pool is characterised by its uncanny ability to deceive the eye by seeming to “flow” into the surrounding landscape. Widely utilised as a feature in resorts and hotels around the world, they are now being used extensively in the backyard as an aesthetic highlight of the entertainment area of the house as well as function as a regular pool. Infinity pools for private residences …

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Exploring Alternatives to Swim Spas

What are the alternatives to swim spas?

Many Australian homes now boast a swim spa in their backyard and people are attracted by their affordability (swim spa cost is usually far lower than that of a regular pool), convenience and versatility. However, a swim spa is also limited in its use and there are viable alternatives that offer a wider range of benefits. In this article, we define what a swim spa is, take a close look at these advantages and disadvantages …

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Swimming Pool Landscaping

How to plan your pool landscaping to boost property value

Installing a pool in your backyard and the surrounding swimming pool landscaping will undoubtedly boost the value of your property. Checking with your local real estate agent about just how much more a property with pool landscaping will sell for in your area, compared to one without, will give you an idea of its potential. Added to the increased value factor of a private swimming pool is the fact that you …

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How long does it take to build a pool?

One common question we get asked is “how long will it take to build my new pool?” The answer to that question depends on a number of different factors which include the planning process, time of the year, pool type, local consent authority ant the vailability of various contractors for earth moving, landscaping, …

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Selecting Fibreglass or Concrete Swimming Pool

Concrete or fibreglass pool?

You’ve decided to take the plunge and go ahead with your dream of installing an in-ground pool for the enjoyment of all your family. Now there are many decisions to make, firstly whether a concrete or fibreglass pool would best suit your requirements. So let’s take a look at the different reasons one option might suit your particular needs better than the other. If ease and speed of installation is important to you …

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How much does a pool cost?

When deciding whether to purchase a pool, naturally cost is the first thing most customers need to consider. The answer to how much your new pool will cost is twofold: What will the installation cost be? How much will it cost to maintain a pool on an ongoing basis? The most common in-ground pools available…

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