What is the difference between concrete and fibreglass pools

Difference between a concrete pool and a fibreglass pool and this is a great question. So when we look at concrete pools, concrete pools have one really good advantage over fibreglass pools and that is that you can shape them any way you want to shape them. So if the exact shape of your pool is a really important consideration, might be that you need to wrap it around an Alfresco area or you want a set of steps in that particular corner. Then concrete is a great way to go, but on the flip side, a fibreglass pool has some tremendous advantages over concrete.

How much room do I need for the filtration equipment?

When we talk about filtration equipment, and the size that equipment takes up, we’re really looking for a couple of things. Where is it going to be best located in the backyard, you know, in a place that really suits the overall pool design, and what we’re wanting to achieve with the pool? Where is it going to be placed to make sure everything runs optimally, and in a term that really makes sure that your compass pool is everything we’ve designed it to be?