Although Compass pools are factory moulded to an existing shape range, there is still plenty of potential to customise your pool and express your own design flare. Compass Pool Dealers all over Australia and New Zealand are continuing to push the boundaries with custom innovations from sunpods to waders and spas, disappearing edges and even beach zones.


One of our proudest achievements is the invention of Maxi Rib technology over 20 years ago, which allows us to install pools completely above‐ground.

This means that we can put Compass pools on difficult sites that would usually be limited to concrete installations. If you live on a sloping site, hillside or even want your pool on a rooftop, talk to us today.


Our exclusive beach zones can be used to transform any pool shape to better suit your lifestyle. Add a beach zone to create the perfect place for kids to play or for adults to sit and relax. Beach zones can also be used as a pratical way to overcome simple design challenges. For example, you can use a beach zone to place your pool closer to buildings without undermining standard footings and potentially compromising ground stability. Beach zones are available in various lengths and widths and come in the full range of Bi‐luminite and Vivid colours.

Our unique Ceramic Core technology enhances the strength of our pool shells and enables us to do things that cannot be done with traditonal fiberglass pools. Combine this with our propensity for innovaton and almost anything is possible.

Compass designer options allow you to make the most of your backyard


Enhance your Compass pool by adding a grand entry bench. So you like the idea of our Vogue pool design but also want the extra width of a X‐Trainer? Then you can add the grand entry bench and turn any X‐Trainer pool into a custom Vogue – perfect if you prefer the bench on the opposite side to the standard Vogue series. Grand entry benches also allow you to create an elegant pool entry and seating on any side of your pool. Our grand entry benches are available in the full range of Biluminite and Vivid colours.


Adding a spa to your swimming pool is easy with Compass Pools! Just select one of our fibreglass pools, the spa can be added to any of the pool shapes. Pool and spa combos are increasingly popular with pool owners in Newcastle and surrounding areas. They not only look great but also are practical. You can fit more people in as some of them can have fun in the pool whilst the others relax in the spa. With most of the installations of the pool and spa combos, the pool is directly connected to the spa, however, they can be separate, too.

Including a water feature will instantly transform your pool into a standout piece of exterior landscape art. Water features look extremely luxurious – we have all seen them in the grounds of exclusive hotels, and in magazine photographs of celebrity homes. By adding a water feature, you can make your swimming pool stand out from the rest, giving your property an extra touch of luxury and improving the appearance of your yard. If you have children, a water feature increases the ways that they can enjoy the pool. They will love playing in the water jets.


Spend 1‐2 hours with a fully‐trained Pool Consultant who can help you figure out the optons that will best suit your backyard and personal tastes.

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