Just a quick email to tell say “THANK YOU!”

I had a call from Belinda at 5.10 pm on Wednesday to say our Pool was getting put in tomorrow!

Excavating started at 8.30am Thursday Morning, Pool arrived around 9.30am and was in the ground by 1.30pm.

Friday morning pool started to fill with water while being backfilled. By about 12.30pm pool was filled with water (Who cares if it was green! We had a Pool and it had water in it!)  Saturday morning Josh turned up at 9am and gave us a thorough run down of what to do (Wow! lots of info but all good) Pool started to go cleaner and lighter by the hour. Sash, Lais and Brax were in it all arvo! (I had my Chrissy party ) Sunday at 6.30pm we had our first swim in our new Compass Pool as a family and it was the best! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We love it!!!!

I would just like to say Thank you to everyone we had dealt with at Compass. From the lovely lady (Sorry I cant remember her name) who showed us and went through information with us at the showroom on a Saturday arvo in late October 2014.

Brett who was always on time, accommodating, helpful, patient, a great bloke and most of all really wanted us to have a COMPASS POOL! THANK YOU!

Sommer on the front desk who is always a pleasure to speak to and deal with. Kelli who is amazing and knows her Compass Pools and everything else that 1st time Pool Owners need to know : Kelli you were always so thorough, informative, helpful, patient and just a lovely person to talk to!

Jane who always has the answer to all my questions (And there were many!) and always could tell me where we were at and explain things in my language, nothing was ever a hassle.

Belinda whom I had the pleasure of meeting last Thursday, thank you for the time spent talking to and explaining things to us about the HYDRO PRO etc. and everything else we asked you about Thank you. Andrew and Josh who even though they seen the stressed out, not so happy Bobbie for a short time on Thursday morning. (Sash and I deciding where to put Filter!) They still got on with the job nothing was a hassle and everything seemed to go like a dream! THANK YOU! GUYS YOU ARE AWESOME!

Oh and I cant forget Rick the Excavator- what a Classic!

Even though we didn’t get the in floor and we don’t have a bond beam (Yet!)

We are super happy we went with Compass Pools. Thank you to all! Its no wonder you have been around for so long. You can have a great product but without great staff (Like you guys!) to run your amazing business it would not be the same.

So thank you all again for this wonderful experience.

Bobbie, Sash, Lais and Brax Casitovski