Better Protection from The Elements

Compass Pools Can Now Offer You Even Better Protection with Our Exclusive Hydrostatic Warranty

One of the potential risks of owning any swimming pool is the possibility of damage due to a hydrostatic event. Essentially, ‘hydrostatic damage’ can occur when the water level in the ground rises higher than the water level in your pool. When this happens, your pool (fibreglass or concrete) will naturally want to lift or float…a bit like a boat. As the ground water subsides again, and the pressure on your pool reduces, it can result in significant structural damage to your pool (fibreglass or concrete).

With the increasing regularity of extreme weather events and intense rainfall, we wanted to eliminate this risk for all Compass Pool customers. The key to preventing damage from occurring is to quickly release growing ground water pressure before it’s too late.

The Compass Research and Development team has spent three years testing and perfecting a patented hydrostatic valve that is so sensitive and has such high flow rates, that we can now offer a unique hydrostatic damage warranty with our exclusive HydroPro valve.

Get Complete Peace of Mind With Compass Tripple Guarantee


Comprehensive hydrostatic protection with our HYDROPRO system:

  • A patented hydrostatic relief valve only available with Compass in-ground pools.
  • Maximum protection against ground water pressure and extreme storm events.
  • Lifetime warranty protection* against hydrostatic damage (transferable to subsequent owners for the balance of 25 years).

Enhanced cosmetic protection with our ARMOURSHIELD technology:

  • Maximum protection against chemical breakdown and UV damage.
  • With an additional layer of vinyl ester resin, your Bi-luminite pool surface will maintain its stunning good looks for longer.
  • ArmourShield is standard in all Bi-luminite pools and is backed by a 10 year cosmetic warranty, including protection against cosmetic osmosis damage.

Superior structural performance with our CERAMIC CORE technology:

  • Improved chemical resistance offers greater structural integrity over time.
  • Increased panel stiffness, whilst maintaining the enhanced ability of a fibreglass composite pool to cope with seasonal ground movement.
  • Lifetime structural warranty including protection against structural osmosis damage (transferable to subsequent owners for the balance of 25 years).
* Terms and conditions apply. Vivid ceramic pools have different warranty terms. Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details.