Compass Fibreglass Pools

Compass Pools are already enjoyed by tens of thousands of Aussie families and have been the top choice of many Cessnock pool owners. These fibreglass pools come in many shapes and sizes and have plethora of customisation options, allowing you to create a unique pool that will be a great addition to your Hunter Valley home. Browse our popular pool shapes below.
Compass Pools Newcastle Sanctuary pool series

Sanctuary Series

If you have a small backyard you don’t have to miss out on the joys of pool ownership. Our Plunge and Courtyard pools are perfect for transforming a small area into an oasis.

Pool Shape Details

Fastlane Series

The Fastlane is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers. its custom design options make it a great choice for those who have specific requirements.

Pool Shape Details

Contemporary Series

There´s a contemporary to suit every backyard. Deep in the centre, shallow at both ends, with step ledge for kids to rest – perfect for family fun and games such as volleyball.

Pool Shape Details

Plunge and Relax Series

If you have a small backyard you don’t have to miss out on the joys of pool ownership. Our Plunge and Courtyard pools are perfect for transforming a small area into an oasis.

Pool Shape Details
Compass swimming pool Vogue shape

Vogue Series

Pinnacle in contemporary pool design with centrally positioned entry steps and bench seat, the Vogue combines style, elegant design and functionality.

Pool Shape Details

X-Trainer Series

The Compass X-Trainer pool was designed for fitness and fun. Its rectangular shape suits contemporary architecture and offers you infinite style options.

Pool Shape Details

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Your Cessnock Pool Builder

We’re an experienced Cessnock NSW pool builder installing award winning Compass fibreglass pools in the Greater Cessnock region. Compass Pools can be built as inground pools, partially inground pools or above ground pools. All of our fibreglass pools can be configured as self-cleaning pools, making their ownership so much more enjoyable. With the self-cleaning system, your new Cessnock pool will be literally able to clean itself!
Take the hard work out of pool ownership and enjoy your smart self-cleaning swimming pool that always looks stunning and is safe to swim in. Both inground and above ground pools in Cessnock can be installed as self-cleaning. Discover smart self-cleaning pools !
Our fibreglass pools can be customised by adding a beach, wader, spa, water feature etc. or by transforming them to infinity pools. All our plunge pools, family pools, and lap pools come with industry leading warranties.
Looking for a trustworthy Cessnock pool builder? We are a top rated authorised Compass Pools dealer. Choose a pool builder that has the best product and experience to build your new Cessnock pool.

Inground Pools, Partially or Completely Above Ground Pools

Compass fibreglass pools can be installed in many ways and unlike some of the other fibreglass pools, we can also cater for difficult sites and install your new Cessnock pool partially or completely above the ground. If you’re unsure what type of installation you require, please contact us to discuss your Cessnock pool today!


Inground pool installation
Inground pools still tend to be the most popular option. Installing your pool completely in the ground makes for a great pool design if you have a normal, mainly flat site. One of the reasons inground pools are so common is that it helps reduce the overall price/cost of the pool. Check out the installations of Compass inground pools.


Partially above ground pools

Not all sites are flat, and at times, your backyard may be better suited to a pool design where your pool is part inground and part above ground. In these situations, we recommend a solution for installing your pool partially above ground – our systems allow installing your pool so that the water level sits up to 1m above ground.


Above ground pool installation

Installing an above ground fibreglass pool does need to include major earthworks, building retaining walls or resorting to an expensive engineered concrete swimming pool. The unique Maxi Rib system which is exclusive to Compass Pools eliminates the need for expensive ground works or complicated above ground pool designs

Your New Cessnock Pool with Amazing Features

Compass fibreglass pools are very different from any other pool available in Cessnock. Manufactured by an innovative Australian company, Compass Pools Australia, they combine 40 years of experience in research and development with knowledge and passion for creating the best swimming pools.
We love Compass pools and would recommend these pools to anyone looking at transforming their backyard. If you are thinking that fibreglass pools are very limiting due to them being premade in a factory, have a look at our customisation options. You can choose the shape and size that suits your backyard, add a wader, Sunpod, spa or a beach and complement the pool with one or more water features.

The ceramic composite technology makes a Compass pool much stronger than an average fibreglass pool. Thanks to the Bi-luminite colour system, these fibreglass pools look stunning, creating a 3D effect in the pool water.

Best of all, these pools can literally clean themselves. Thanks to the unique Vantage in-floor cleaning system, you’ll be able to own a self-cleaning pool that is healthier to swim in, requires less maintenance and saves you money.

Compass Pools Australia Self Cleaning Swimming Pools
Durable fibreglass inground pools and above ground pools
Compass Fibreglass Pools Features Bi luminite 3D Colours
Above Ground Pools with Maxi Rib Technology
Compass Pools Australia Hydrostatic Protection on Fibreglass Pools
Compass Fibreglass Pool Features Exclusive warranties

Compass Pools Are Popular in the Greater Cessnock Region

We are your trusted fibreglass pool builder servicing Cessnock NSW. You can visit our showroom and experience how your new Cessnock swimming pool could look and feel. Or check out some of the amazing pools we’ve built for our customers living in this area.

Cessnock Pool Installations

We’ve accomplished a number of successful pool installation projects in the Greater Cessnock area. Whether you are looking for an inground pool or you need a partially/completely above ground pool, be sure to talk to us. Dreaming of an infinity pool? We’d love to build one for your Cessnock property.

The decision to buy a swimming pool varies among families and is influenced by factors such as personal preferences, budget, lifestyle, climate, and available space. Many families in Cessnock, like in many other regions with warm weather and proximity to beaches and waterways, have decided to have a new swimming pool installed in their backyard, transforming it into an oasis providing the space for family fun, relaxation and to cool off during hot summers.

Check out some of the installations of Compass inground pools and above ground pools we accomplished in Cessnock NSW and surrounding regions.

References from Cessnock and Neighbouring Regions

Compass Pool Centre Newcastle are a top rated fibreglass pool builder. We proud ourselves in delivering in all phases of your pool project, starting from the initial consultation, through assisting you with planning, to building, commissioning of the pool and warranty. Read what our customers from Cessnock and neighbouring suburbs say about the experience with our pools and service.

Discuss Your Cessnock Pool Project With Us

We service all towns in Hunter Valley NSW including all townships in the greater Cessnock NSW area such as Nulkaba, Aberdare, Cessnock, Kearsley, Elrington, Abernethy, Kitchener, Bellbird Heights, Bellbird, Pelton, Greta Main or Millfield. Visit our award winning display centre in Tomago NSW.


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